A Message from TBRP

Martin walked into our project in August 2010; he was looking for help. Martin was a guy that everyone easily warmed to; he was unassuming yet friendly, and on the outside, Martin appeared happy and relatively well. But the internal suffering was hidden, and this is one of the most difficult challenges of this illness.

Martin tried on numerous occasions to tackle what people describes as ‘his demons’, and he genuinely wanted to be the person that people saw on the outside. As workers we walk alongside people, we make suggestions, we offer guidance and we try to show that there is a way of living with a peaceful mind; mostly we offer hope. Whilst I believe Martin could see this around him, it is sometimes difficult to see it for ourselves. Sadly, Martin couldn’t see it, and was to find his only peace in death.

We know that the illness of addiction is indiscriminate and to ask the question, ‘Why Martin?’ doesn’t bring us answers.

Martin was wrapped up in the love of his family and friends and Martin appeared to have a life that others would envy. Our role at The Basement Recovery Project (TBRP) is to raise awareness of the indiscrimination and challenge the stigma of addiction and mental health.

For those walking alongside him, we share the pain and the frustration, but we also share the joy when someone makes the journey into recovery.

With the help of Martin’s Happy Days, TBRP will continue to provide a place of hope for those affected by substance and alcohol misuse and their families. Their support will help others to achieve and sustain recovery, and Martin’s memory will live on in those at TBRP who knew him.

It seems only fitting to remember Martin through his love of music, and dedicate the song, ‘Show me the Way’, by Peter Frampton to Martin and his loved ones.

Michelle Foster
The Basement Recovery Project

TBRP recently moved into our new recovery centre. We have completely transformed the building from what it was to a safe, welcoming and dignified environment. With the fund raising from Martin’s Happy Days events we intend to refurbish the attic room, originally a room housing the heating system for the whole building.  It is a huge project for us and one we could not do without your continued support.

When finished, it would be nice to name this room in Martin’s memory.

Martin’s Room